Family Protection

Protection for You, Your Family and your Home

We are proud to be more than just Mortgage Advisors, we passionately believe in the importance of financially protecting you, your income and your family against any crisis life’s journey may throw your way. It is our belief that protecting you, your income and your family is essential in every household.

We have expert knowledge of the products available and can offer advice to help you find the most appropriate plan for your individual circumstances and budget. We will discuss the following areas with you and ask you to prioritise your requirements and tailor a recommendation to suit your personal needs and requirements.

Protecting your Home

What impact would it have on you/your family were you to suffer a critical illness or death? Would you want the peace of mind your family can remain in their home? We would look to review your circumstances to ensure any mortgage borrowing could be repaid in the event of death or earlier critical illness.

Protecting your Income

What impact would it have on your financially should your income stop due to accident or illness? How would you pay the mortgage and your other bills? We can help look at affordable options to ensure that if you are unable to work and your income stops you have plans in place to protect your home and lifestyle.

Protecting your Family

In addition to protecting your home and income, it is important to consider additional protection needs to ensure your family are provided for. We can also talk to you about additional life cover, standalone critical illness cover and providing your family with an income following death.

Home insurance

It is a legal requirement of all mortgage lenders that you have buildings cover in place to protect their investment. You’ll also want contents cover to protect your belongings from the unexpected such as theft, damage or loss.

We can help you find a quality, affordable policy that’s right for your needs.